About Us - Why Unity?

u-ni-ty (noun)

The state of being united or joined as a whole.

Harmony or agreement between people or groups.


The unity concept was born out of our love of martial arts, in particular Sport Karate, and our desire to take our sport to the next level, to bring all styles and associations together with no politics and no bias and to give the competitor and spectator alike a truly different and exciting experience.

The Unity Story so far


Having travelled the world competing at the highest level along with being involved in the running and organising of competitions for over 20 years we have a wealth of experience and expertise. Our vision is to bring the very best of these tournaments together, to put the competitor and spectator first, to provide a professional platform for competitors at a top level venue and ultimately to push our sport forward to a whole new generation of future stars.


In 2014 we teamed up with Hyper Martial Arts from the USA to raise the Unity Games experience to a whole new level.  For anyone not familiar with Hyper it provides an incredibly exciting programme that teaches performance martial arts whilst staying true to traditional values.  Already hugely successful in the USA and growing fast in the UK and the rest of the world Hyper is a force to be reckoned with.  Founded in the USA by Roland Osborne and Jason Morgan Hyper is all about the athlete, promoting talented young martial artists and giving them the platform to perform and shine and to receive the recognition they deserve.  A mission that the Unity Games wholeheartedly supports and the very reason that the games was conceived - putting the competitor first and providing them with the opportunity to be rewarded for their hard work and talent.


Running side by side and supporting each other the Unity and Hyper teams provided the most exciting show this side of the Atlantic.  A very powerful mix of tried and tested formats and formidable skills, both athletic and business, ensure that our tournament and the Hyper Games will be top class and one not to miss.


We will once again stage our spectacular night show where the winners from the day’s competitions will battle to win Grand Championships, alongside showcase performances, taking place on a raised stage, with professional lighting and sound this will truly be a platform for tomorrows superstars as well as being a spectacular and exciting experience for the spectator.


Our vision for the future is to become the largest Sport Martial Arts event in Europe for the benefit of all Sport Karate competitors and supporters alike. But first and foremost we want to ensure a successful future for our sport, to encourage and support the next generation whilst celebrating and rewarding our current stars.


In 2013 the Unity Team were honoured to be awarded the Martial Arts Illustrated Hall of Fame Award for Innovation within the realm of Martial arts.

Since 2013, the Unity Games has pretty much doubled in size every year, which is an amazing feat considering how young we are as an event.

In 2015 we saw a need to upgrade the event and look for a bigger venue to host the Unity Games under one roof. We moved to the Newark Showgrounds exhibition centre and with that came a complete redesign of the stage and night show to facilitate the additional growth and night show audiences.

In 2016 the event had really gained momentum with news of it's success travelling all around the world, now teams from all over Europe and the USA were choosing to travel to the UK for the popular Unity World Games. It was evident that the sport karate community was showing it's acceptance for the format and experience delivered by the Unity Games Team.

In 2017 the event had become so large that at the end of it and after lots of customer feedback, we had no choice but to consider a 2 day event. In 2018 the first 2 day event was a resounding success with 2 night shows, one for Traditional and one for CMX, combined with the hugely popular International Stage spectacular called "VIVACITE". Another significant milestone was the collaboration with NASKA giants the AKA "Warrior Cup" organisation team and this was huge for Sport Karate events in Europe the very first time and opening up the doors to a 2 way collaboration for athletes in the Europe and the USA.

For 2019 we are working to build an even better experience and show for the athletes and spectators, something we pride ourselves on from the inception of the Unity Games. The stage is set to be even bigger and better for Unity 7, and AKA will be joining us again to raise the event to a different level.  

The team are super excited to be delivering yet another Unity Games experience in 2019, so make sure what ever you do the weekend of the 23rd and 24th of November you are booked to be at the Unity World Games . . . 

Unity World Games

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